About 7xSilver

I love all things art. Jewelry and gemology as a hobby began early in my teen years with my father’s friend Tom, who was a traveling rock hound allowing me to sort through all of his finds. Quartz, sapphire, peridot, topaz, amethyst and other semi-precious and precious stones were fascinating to study hands on and sometimes available to me to use. Scrap copper electrical and phone wire was readily available since my father was a contractor. These were my first materials in jewelry making and I was hooked.
Studying 3D design in high school for two years was a great opportunity to have hands on experience metal smithing with silver and the lost wax casting process, I followed that in college with another two semesters of silver smithing in lost wax and fabrication. I will never forget the first silver ring that I meticulously carved out of wax and carefully cast. It was an elephant head ring with a trunk as the band. Maybe someday I’ll have the opportunity to make another one.

At this time silk art is my primary business and ministry, although I also travel to teach and paint, write books, sew and raise a family, I am spiritually compelled to continue my creative endeavors. When you purchase from this site, you are encouraging and funding a family, artists, musicians, worshipers, homeschoolers, churches, ministries, faith and hope.

I am creative as my Father in Heaven is creative.
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I want to explain some things regarding gemstones and jewelry, the so called metaphysical properties and how that may relate to a christian associated person without engaging in new age or occult studies.

God spoke all of creation into existence. He said it in His word. Creation is spoken word/sound/vibration. All of creation sings, speaks or vibrates on a detectable frequency.

If people didn’t worship, Jesus said that the very stones would cry out. Jesus knew this.

In the 1950’s you could purchase a kit to build your own radio with a crystal receiver. It was a science project for kids with no tv. Why?  Crystals are excellent at attuning to a frequency (like radio frequency) and maintaining or amplifying that frequency that it is pointed at.

Silver, gold and copper are excellent conductors of energy and frequency. That’s why they are in electronics and the electrical systems of buildings and appliances.

When you wear a piece of jewelry made with copper, silver and gold, the metals conduct the frequency of the stone to your skin, which has a high content of water, another excellent conductor. There is so much we don’t understand about the nature of God, the way He made us and the universe. I feel that anyone who discounts this completely as foolishness and imagination or attributes it all to evil and darkness is silly. So God bless you!